Berkeley MEng Application Fee Waiver and GRE Optional

Exclusive to UC Berkeley undergraduates and alumni 

Application Fee Waiver
The Fung Institute is proud to announce that we will be waiving the Master of Engineering (MEng) application fee for UC Berkeley current undergraduates and alumni. Please complete and submit your application by Wednesday, January 6, 2021 deadline in order to have your application fee waived. This process will happen automatically, on or around the application deadline, based on the undergraduate university information listed in your application.
Process to Claim Application Fee Waiver:
1. Select credit card option, but do not pay
2. Submit your application by the January 6 deadline, but do not pay
3. That's it! Your application will be credited for payment on or soon after January 6, 2021
GRE Optional 
The GRE is optional or not required for all applicants applying for fall 2021; see your department MEng application for details.

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The application waiver is available only to applicants who hold, or will hold, a bachelors degree from UC Berkeley at the planned time of enrollment. Visiting scholars and non-degree seeking students are not eligible. 

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